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RC Crew Chief Download Page!

Install Instructions
  1. The program installs with a free trial period. This is the Full Version of RC3 with only a few file managment features disabled.

  2. The program will run on Windows 7, 8 and 10. It will no longer run on earlier versions of Windows since MS has ended support. It will also run on Windows Tablets.

  3. Recent changes made to Microsofts .net Framework which the program runs under requires at least .net Framework 4.5 to be installed. If the installation fails it is likely due to this issue. As a temporary work around you can download and install the files from Microsoft's Website here . A permanent fix for this problem is being developed.

  4. Clicking the Install RCCrewChief V4 button below will open Microsoft's Click Once Install page for the program. Note that the prerequiste Microsoft programs listed must be installed for the program to function. The Installer will do this for you.

  5. When the Webpage opens click the "Install" button at the bottom (not the "launch" link).

  6. When asked to run or save during the install process select "Run".