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Nick - USAOh, and I forgot to let you know. I used RC3 to setup my VBC D10 for VTA Scale Nats at Windy City RC earlier this year, and finished 4th. A large part of that is thanks to the setup help the software gave me. Will be using it for the IROC Pro GT class in Sept at Southern Nationals as well. So thanks again for your magnificient piece of software!

Joorn - GermanyJust wanted to let you know i was once again blown away by the awesomeness of RC3. I was racing yesterday and though i had never driven the car before or had a proper battery, i was able to be within 0.15 secs of the best lap by the winning driver. The car was great, sure there were details to tinker with but overall, the result just proved again that RC3 works perfectly well, and some.

Given the fact that i was also running in a faster class than i was used to with almost no practice, i was more than happy with the result. At the end, i finished 6th out of 13, but it was only down to the squishy bit holding the transmitter ;) If i had more practice and used to the cars speed, i would have had a shot at p2 overall.

So thanks again for your magnificient piece of software!

Chris - USAI just wanted to let you know how much satisfaction I got yesterday from using RC3 at the track. Although I had been setting up my car and inputting the measurements over the last couple of weeks, I didn’t get to apply my new tools to my car because the shock tower broke early in practice and no one had a spare. However, my friend has a box stock TLR 22.2 that he just got, and it was incredible to witness how effective the software was to getting his car setup to drive. With the base setup, it was VERY loose on power out of the turns, to the point where it just spun out at the touch of the throttle. Using RC3, we were able to see how much weight was on the outside tire, make changes to the rear shock positions to even it out more, reduce the ride height and what a difference it made. All of this between qualifiers. What a time and frustration saver! Very excited about the software and pointing folks to your site to learn more.

Jeremiah - USAThanks a bunch awesome program takes a little bit to figure out for the average joe but this program has seriously helped me and my brother been a huge eye opener our losi 22 sct's have picked up several seconds at our local track we're very competitive everywhere we go

Scott - USAYour program has really helped me to feel more confident in setting my roll centers, shock positions, and spring rates to balance them. Without your program, I was really far off and so lost with how the front and rear compared, I didn't even know what I should tune. As of right now, this is the best handling car I have ever driven, so it's a ton of fun. I really never thought you could set up a car to stick like glue to a dry dusty track!

J BrownI tweaked my setup last night on my Tekno. Most consistent its ever been. Qualified second and won the A main, something I have not done against these guys until now. RC3 has proven quite effective in taking the guess work out of setup. I am very glad to get away from unsubstantiated setup advice that floats around the pits.

M SlaughterThis past weekend was the first time I've gotten to race since making the models for the Awesomatix A700. As an experiment I went with a completely RC Crew Chief developed set-up with a fresh car emulating other cars in the database for similar conditions. Due to rain delays I literally had a total of about 6 minutes of practice and haven't raced true parking lot racing in 4+ years.

The car was 95% there from the moment it hit the track! A few minor changes and the car was lined up 2nd on the grid and took the main against very stout competition. Without a doubt this is one of the best tools out there for racers that hit new tracks or get little testing time. Basically if a set-up is in there for any car you can apply the critical parameters (RC height, ride and roll stiffness, camber gain) to your car and be "nearly there" from the moment you hit the track.

Thanks again Bob for taking the time to develop this!

Bob - CaliforniaBefore RC CREW CHIEF, I would waste valuable practice time by physically changing the combination of springs, shock, camber, toe, and gearing settings. Not to mention the wear and tear on your tires and equipment. Now with a few simple key strokes, I can easily see the changes made right on my laptop! I can also save, print, and share my custom settings over the internet. RC CREW CHIEF also gave me a better visual understanding how setups can effect a car. It's money well invested. "SPOT ON" Thanks you, RC CREW CHIEF!
Richard - USALove your program its awesome! nice to know the roll centers and be able to change them when the dirt track changes, set track record this year at our track thanks to your program! Thanks again for the awesome program worth every penny !!!
Riaan - South AfricaBeen using Crew Chief to get our cars dialled in on a difficult new club track. Major event coming up , so we needed to take advantage of Crew Chief and it’s been amazing in helping us find solutions to the lack of all round handling ! Proof is on this weekend , when we put it all down in the next race and further prepare for the upcoming final round of our Coastal Cup National Series.
Tom - Cancun, MexicoEnjoying your program very much. I finally was able to get my TC3 dialed in. The chassis behaves just as your program predicts it should.
Dom - ScotlandI'm very impressed with this software. Takes the guess work (most of it!) out of setup changes - gives you a real chance to make the right change for the next race.
Nilks - SwedenGreat piece of software. You get so much more insight to your setup. Worth every penny!
srp67 - RCTechI have only be using the program for a couple weeks and it has helped. It lets you understand what your doing to your car as you are changing things around.


5 March, 2020V4.3.2.5 Update Released
New Features
1. Improvements to Setup Charts
2. Fixed Bug in Setup that slightly changed Track width when saving setup.
3. Installer repaired.

You can download the new version with a 30 day trial here.

3 June, 2019V4.3.2 Update Released
New Features
1. Importing car models is now enabled during the 30 day trial period.
2. Added Setup Chart feature that graphically displays the magnitude and effect of setup changes compared to a selected setup.
3. Graphing of I2R motor power losses (what generates the heat) is now included in the acceleration simulation.
4. New calculator added to determine the center of flat top ball studs.
5. The point being edited in Chassis Manager Suspension position tables is now highlighted in the graphic display.
6. In the Motor Manager Dyno Analysis section the ability to graph RPM, Voltage and Current vs time has been added.

You can download the new version with a 30 day trial here.

25 June, 2018V4.3.1.3 Update Released
New Features
-added file import for new miniPro file format.
-improved dyno file data processing method.
-added graphing of RPM vs time to Dyno File Comparison graph.

13 June, 2018A new Youtube video Series on RC Motor Dyno Testing is now available. Check out the real results.

30 March, 2018The Science of Setup Episode 10 - Shocks Part 3 - Tuning Handling has been posted on LiveRC. Now we put RC3 to work to see how to use shocks to fine tune handling.

5 Feb, 2018Uploaded new models, Tamiya TA07 Pro and Losi eight 4.0.

28 Nov, 2017Version 4.3.1 update has been released with new features and improvements. If you are still running V4.2 then you will need to do a little work to update. See the FAQ page for instructions.

6 April, 2017Episode 9 - Shocks Part 2 of "The Science of Setup" series has been posted on LiveRC. Now we put RC3 to work to find out how temperature, mounting position, spring rate, number and size of piston holes, and oil viscosity affect shock performance.

23 March, 2017Episode 8 of "The Science of Setup" series has been posted on LiveRC. Shocks Part 1.

17 Feb, 2017Episode 7 of "The Science of Setup" series has been posted on LiveRC. This one is all about Steering Geometry (Ackerman).

16 Feb, 2017New XRAY T4 '17 model available on the on road model download page.

3 Feb, 2017Episode 6 of "The Science of Setup" series has been posted on LiveRC. This one is all about the relationship between Roll Center and Camber Gain.

1 Feb, 2017New models available on the on road and off road download pages. VBC Wildfire D08 w/ Short Shocks and Tekno EB48.3

19 Jan, 2017Episode 5 of "The Science of Setup" series has been posted on LiveRC. This one is all about Camber and Camber Gain.

5 Jan, 2017Episode 4 of "The Science of Setup" series has been posted on LiveRC. This one is all about Total Suspension Stiffness.

28 Dec, 2016Added new Youtube Video Series "The Science of Setup" and "Creating a AE TC7.1 Model" to the Videos page.

15 Dec, 2016Episode 3 of "The Science of Setup" series has been posted on LiveRC. This one is all about Weight Transfer.

10 Dec, 2016New Version of RC3 released that adds support for the minPRO Dyno this is one cool machine. Be sure and check it out.

1 Dec, 2016The second episode of the "The Science of Setup" series has been posted on LiveRC. This one is all about Suspension Properties.

22 Nov, 2016The first episode of the "The Science of Setup" has been posted on LiveRC. This is a bi-weekly series that starts with the basics and delves deeper into setup with each episode. Check out the first epsiode Setup Physics and Terminology

28 Oct, 2016RC3 V4.3 is now available featuring an unlimited trial period. The new version and comes with 7 pre-installed models representing the most popular RC classes. This change was made to simplify installing and getting straight into learning RC3. There is no longer any need to import models from the Website Library. You can download the new version here.

20 Oct, 2016Now for some exciting news. The new VBC Racing WildFireD09 kit starts shipping this week and will be bundled with an exclusive RC Crew Chief special offer coupon. A dedicated version of RC3 specific to the WildFireD09 chassis model has been created for this purpose. VBC Racing.

29 July, 2016RC3 Version released. A few improvements to the new Shock/Damping module and some bug fixes.

9 July, 2016RC3 Version 4.2 released. Now with shock damping simulation. Shock/Damper model has been validated against shock dyno testing to provide real world results. Download your Free Trial today.

11 June, 2015Check out the RC3 Product Review on Live RC.

31 May, 2015RC3 Version 4.1 released. Major Improvements to Flywheel Dyno Analysis and Brushless Motor Modelling. Download your Free Trial today.

6 Jan, 2015RC3 Version 4 released with lots of new features and improvements. Download your Free Trial today.

22 Dec, 2014Check out the excellent Product Review at theRCRacer.com

28 Sept, 2014Update released with new features, improvements and a sneak peak at the upcoming steering module.

25 April, 2014The major update has been released. Click on >Help >Update News on the top menu strip For a list of all the new features.
31 March, 2014A major update to the program has finally entered Beta Testing. The initial 2 week project turned into a 4 month marathon undertaking that adds major improvements and opens up the possibility for major expansion to the program.
7 Feb, 2014Lots of new on-road and off-road models added to the online library. Be sure to check it out.
2 Jan, 2014RC Crew Chief joins as event sponsor for '2014 Snowbird Nationals'
23 Oct, 2013Check out the 'LiveRC Interview'
15 April, 2013New Update Released.
-Added Support for Nitro Engines with Multi-speed gearboxes.
-Improvements to processing Electric Motor Dyno results into Math Models
21 Jan, 2013New Update Released.
-Added two new ARB types to the ARB Calculator
-Added option allowing Acceleration, Braking and Cornering g values on Handling tab. Scaling in Push/Loose bar graphs has been changed to accomodate the wider g range.
-Added option to change Front/Rear Track width, Wheelbase and CG position on handling tab.
-Added Measurement Worksheets in Chassis Manager to record measurements when creating models.
27 Nov, 2012New update released. Car model files now include Chassis and Setup models all in one file. This greatly simplifies the process of importing and sharing models. Setup models are no longer provided as separate Files.

Associated TC4 model added to library. More models coming soon.
5 Aug, 2012Congratulations to the three members of the RC Crew Chief family who made it to the 2012 IFMAR Worlds. We didn't get the big prize in 2012 but now there is something to shoot for in 2014.
20 July, 2012Major Update released which includes new Suspension Dynamics Module. Free for all licensed users.