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  1. Completed Paypal payment but can't find the download section.
  2. Can't find the new chassis models.
  3. What models are included?
  4. What Computer OS is required?
  5. What Suspension Setups are Supported?
  6. Install Errors?

Completed Paypal payment but can't find the download section.

Once you complete payment on the Paypal page there is a link to take you to the download page. You can also find the download link here:

RCCrewChief Full Version Download

Can't find the models.

Additional Car and Chassis models are available for download on the "Model Download" page on the website. Car and/or Chassis models not included in the database provided with the program must be imported. You can also create your own models if you are handy with calipers. If you need to import a model into the program be sure to watch the Youtube Screen cast video entitled "Import Files" for a demo of the process.

You can also share models with your buddies or submit them to be included into the model library.

What models are included.

The full Version installs with 7 generic models of the most common RC Chassis. Additional models can be downloaded from the "Model Download" page and then imported into the program. New models are being added regularly.

RC3 Special offer versions created for specific Manufacturers do not provide access to importing models from the Model Download page. Models included are only those installed with the program.

What Computer OS is required?

Currently the program only runs under the Microsoft Windows OS. The program has been tested using Win7, 8 and 10. Several user's are running the program on a Mac. This requires a compatibility program such as Parallels Desktop 7 or VMWare plus the Windows OS to be installed on the iOS computer. No specific testing has been conducted using the Mac OS so no guarantee of successful operation can be provided.

What Suspension Setups are Supported?

The program supports chassis' with symmetrical independent front and rear suspensions setups. Suspensions using asymmetric designs (Oval cars), kingpin (Pan/F1 cars) and live axle cars (Pan/F1 cars) are currently not supported.

Install Errors?

During download/install process if you receive and error like "application validation did not succeed , unable to continue". This error seems to occur when installing the program using some cellular networks. The easiest way to get around it is to switch to a connection that uses DSL, Cable or Fibre Optic network.

During download/install process if you receive and error like "Cannot Continue. The application is improperly formatted." This error is due to the version of Microsoft .net Framework that is installed on your computer. To fix this problem install .net Framework V4.5 or greater.


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