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RC3 software can be installed here.

RC Crew Chief is the only RC product that doesn't break or wear out, makes you a better racer and just keeps improving all for one low price. Nobody can beat that!

RC Crew Chief (RC3) is chassis setup software for your ON ROAD or OFF ROAD car, truck or buggy. It uses physics combined with graphics to simulate how setup changes will affect car handling and performance.

Which setup change you should make? Shock Angle? Springs? Anti-Roll Bars? Roll Centres? Shock Piston? Shock Oil? How much affect will it have? Will it change the handling in the direction I need? RC3 can provide the tuning guide you need to make informed decisions on which setup change to make.


With RC3 quickly make a chassis setup change on screen and receive instant feedback on the effect on handling. Need better turn-in, more mid corner steering or reduce a corner exit push? With a few mouse clicks decide which change to make, big or small, implement it, then hit the track to test it out. Soon you will be a chassis tuning expert.

With RC3 you will develop the Knowledge to Win!

The program has been designed around 1/10 scale 4WD sedans (TC) however the physics used are applicable to any RC car with independent suspension. Live axle cars (Pan and Oval cars) or asymmetric suspensions are not supported at this time.

Key features:
  • A library of Chassis, Motor, ESC and Battery models is provided. If you can't find a model that matches your equipment you can create your own.
  • Interactively setup your car, add notes and save setups for future reference.
  • Analyse handling characteristics of your setup in three corner phases, Entry, Middle and Exit. See the effects of setup changes instantly on the graphic display.
  • View animations of the Suspension Dynamics of your car and see effects of cornering acceleration on Chassis Roll, Roll Centres, Camber, CG height, Load Transfer plus more.
  • Simulate the effect changing gearing, motors, batteries and ESC has on straight line acceleration.
  • Import Flywheel Dyno data, analyse results and build your own motor models for use in car simulations.